Movies featuring human trolls and coming to cinemas never.

got a boner for Strider & Pyrope. what else is new

I would have gone to see Strider & Pyrope so many times in the movie theater I would have started adhering to the seat.

When asked about the ‘big kiss’ scene, Hacker’s Rose Lalonde congratulated her co-star’s dedication to method acting, remarked that the experience was ‘…eerily similar to actually submitting to the tender ministrations of a man who had no idea what he was doing with his tongue.’

Captor could not be reached for comment. 

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Silly instagram photos from last weekend, because I figured since some people were uploading them I should too! I didn’t manage to catch everyone on my phone but I’m gonna list the whole group anyway ;3;

Karkat | Aradia | Tavros | Sollux | Nepeta | Kanaya | Terezi | Vriska | Equius | Gamzee | Eridan | Feferi

Because my iphone failed me when I tried to post this in real time.

Karkat is Yukapants
Terezi is Dahliagrimm

I think. If got anything wrong let me know.



Homestuck @ HJ 2012: my god we are such dorks / kids and fun! edition

(Karkat = bluehelado, Jade = skoav, John = dolthalion, Rose = xtynn, Terezi = quiteupsidedown, Dave = marthur, Vriska = duskby, photos = quiteupsidedown/xtynn)

What is my face doing I don’t understand. Also these guys get all the awards ever. All of them.

My fav is the one where Dave is taking douchebag photos with a polaroid camera. Fuck Yes.

All of you guys were so awesome ;3;


Homestuck @ HJ 2012: shipping edition

(Karkat = bluehelado, Jade = skoav, John = dolthalion, Rose = xtynn, Terezi = quiteupsidedown, Vriska = duskby, Dave = marthur, photos =quiteupsidedown/xtynn)

No, this shoot wasn’t just Martha and I grabbing people we ship and putting them together in front of Jas’ camera.

Who am I kidding.

On the other hand I didn’t notice that there was an 8 painted on the wall behind John and Vriska while taking the photo. That was just a lucky coincidence.