This is what I have been slaving over and been keeping secret for so long; I made a life-size Doc Scratch puppet to go with my Rose Lalonde Cosplay.

But not just a puppet, oh no! See that lovely little wire I made intentionally visible for ease of explanation? He has a voice box installed in his throat set on a randomizer, thus granting him the ability to answer yes or no questions just like a Magic-8 Ball, but with all the delightful sass we know and love from the good Doc!

This could not have been done, however, without the superb talents of Stuart/LM-G1, who donated his excellent voice-acting to the job!

If you haven’t heard his voice work yet, I highly suggest you have a listen!

I’m hoping to get some better quality photos of him, and my cosplay up soon! He’s pose-able so I imagine this could get pretty fun!

I’ll also have a video sample of some sort of his voice-box in action so you can hear the voice-work that Stuart did.

Enjoy these for now!

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[Meme] Year in Cosplay - 2013, Part 2 (dudes)

Takakura Shouma (Mawaru Penguindrum) ; Gamzee Makara, codtier (Homestuck) ; Nisoku Hokou boy (DECO*27) ; Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki Reload) ; Aladdin (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic) ; Suguro ‘Bon’ Ryuuji (Ao no Exorcist)

one of these things is not like the others

all of these shoots were really fun!! I felt like this year we managed to finally organise some shoots where we could all be in the same place at the same time hahaha /sweats. I enjoyed cosplaying Shouma and Magi’s something I’m going to come back to, same with aoex… although crafting-wise I’m most proud of the codtier outfit because I bled into it and it turned out as fearsome as I’d hoped hahaha

photos feature quiteupsidedown, bluehelado, pearlahiko, diamonbe, & Nisoku Hokou was with xtynn (& flowercrown courtesy of tunefulcandour). photos by xtynn, upsidedowngirl, shachosnaps

here’s to another yeeeear ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


EOY 2013 was my first outdoor con in Singapore so the temperature took me by surprise. Thank god for water fountains! I had a great time despite the heat, met some old friends and some new ones — and even managed to fangirl a little about Precure! It was also great to see a few homestucks, the Jane was lovely and gave me a candycane cookie ;3; Everyone was awesome and I’m sorry I was so shy/awkward haha ;; 

I don’t want to spam tumblr too much so please click above for the rest of the pictures I took - if you see yourself let me know. Names of people I could track down are in captions!