TSUBASASTUCK DESIGNS MAYBE (that’s about all of them from the previous two posts with a few outfit alterations- except Davesprite i am gomen)

if anyone’s wondering why I decided to cross over Homestuck and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles it’s mostly because they both have wonky timelines, paradox clones and unlimited amounts of p a i n y’all should read TRC it’s amazing

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Windows Download

Mac Download

Linux Download

here’s the thing i’ve been working on! it’s a short visual novel (10 minutes of gameplay) called ‘Nancho Quest’ where you have to help dave find his stolen nachos

the music starts up on the main menu so you might want to turn the volume down in advance

if you play, please tell me if anything’s wrong. this is my first project so there was a lot of experimenting… i’ll put update this post with download links to updated versions of the game as i get feedback

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