The Heart of Thomas (トーマの心臓 / Thomas no Shinzō)
by Moto Hagio

528-page black & white (with some color) 7” x 9.5” hardcover • $39.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-551-8

Ships in: December 2012 (subject to change) – Pre-Order Now

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The setting: A boys’ boarding school in Germany, sometime in the mid-20th Century. One winter day, fourteen year-old Thomas Werner falls from a lonely pedestrian overpass to his death, immediately after sending a single, brief letter to another boy at the school:

To Juli, one last time.
This is my love.
This is the sound of my heart.
Surely you must understand.

Thus begins Moto Hagio’s The Heart of Thomas — one of the most compelling and enigmatic manga graphic novels ever created, and a pioneer in the popular boys’-romance “shounen-ai” genre. Thomas’s death (was it an accident? Suicide? Or even murder?) immediately throws the school into turmoil, while his letter sets off a chain of emotional upheaval both for the recipient and an ever-expanding circle of friends, family, and teachers, as secrets are revealed and shared. And then a new boy who looks exactly like Thomas shows up at school…

Unabashedly romantic and emotionally complex, The Heart of Thomas features an unusual, richly imagined setting and a cast of memorable characters. This timeless masterpiece is now finally available to American readers.

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They also updated the cover too:

I personally like the older one more… the wavy lines kinda kill it

Was there an older one? I just remember placeholder images…

But yeah, the wavy lines aren’t doing it for me. If they felt the need for some kind of decorative separators I think little flowers or diamonds or something like that would be better.

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Just some doodles.

I really hate that feeling of having forgotten how to get things right after not drawing for so long… I really want to improve but I don’t have much time to practice or take more risks, so it becomes really demoralising. :(

Out of curiosity, has anyone played akaaka? I really want to but I have a mac and I can’t read kanji.


going to frame these this week, still trying to figure out if I want to flatten/de-crease them in the dryer, with a steamer, or with an iron :|


I can’t believe these just sat in someone’s closet for 30+ years in their original packaging, the original owner must have really treasured them before deciding to pass them along to someone else.  I wish I could thank them for keeping them in such an amazing condition for the past 3 decades ;;

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