Selling these leftovers from LFCC 
As I post this there are very few of the game of thrones keychains, Monobear/Catbug charms and Yume Nikki prints. The Celes postcard is sold out.

There’s plenty of everything else though :’o
(I have like a million IOU Sherlock apples I have no fucking idea why they sent me so many)

Postcards, Straps and Keychains 
(Madoka / Sherlock / Yume Nikki / .flow / Adventure Time / Game of Thrones / Dangan Ronpa / Bravest Warriors )
One for £3
Two for £5 
Five for £10
Pin Badges
(Game of Thrones / Scott Pilgrim)
One for £2
Two for £3
(prices do NOT include shipping, sorry D: Royal Mail is awful atm )
Paypal only unless you’re going to Hyper Japan later this month!
Thanks ;A; hope I can shift some of these ;; 


Volks SD 16 Boy: Yukinojo Sawaragi (full set)

A complete fullset of SD16 Yukinojo Sawaragi from Dolpa 14. Includes enhanced original faceup.

Comes with: Eyes (fixed with putty), light brown wig and most of his original clothing apart from belt:

- Leather Jacket
- Shirt
- Jeans
- Necklace
- Socks
- Shoes

Also includes original box and pictured documentation.

More pictures etc at the post on Den of Angels!!!

NOTE: the Den of Angels marketplace is only accessible to members. If you are interested and don’t have an account, email me @ asakura.miyun[at] and I can provide you with more photos and information!

P.S. Any signal boost is really helpful ;A;

Back! Sorta~


Well, it’s been a while since I posted on here. But I’m ready to get back into the swing of things… just not right now.

But just a heads up, as I’m looking at a pricey surgery that would hopefully save my sight, I’m liquidating as much of my cosplay and related stuff as possible. Unfortunately, due to my camera being stolen, I cannot take pictures until I can borrow a friend’s.

Until then, if you are interested, please look through my ACP and make me a offer on anything, I’ll even take little prop work and stuff. As long as it’s not a rush job. Cosplays I know I would be looking to sell are:

07-Ghost - Castor (Casual)
07-Ghost - Teito (Priest Examination)
Angel Sanctuary - Gabriel/Jibrille (Artbook)
Axis Power Hetalia - Iceland
Battle Star - Boys Uniform
Code Geass - Ashford Boys Uniform
Code Geass R2 - Kanon Maldini (Default)
Code Geass R2 - Kanon Maldini (Turn 12.31)
Gensou Suikoden II - Camus
Gensou Suikoden V - Miakis
Gundam Seed - Athrun Zala (Prince)
Heart no Kuni no Alice - Ace
Kannagi - Nagi
Macross Frontier - Alto/Mihoshi Boys Uniform
Romeo x Juliet - Francisco
Sailor Moon - Sapphire
Vocaloid 2 - Hatsune Miku (Cantarella)
Vocaloid 2 - Megurine Luka (Just Be Friends)
Vocaloid 2 - Megurine Luka (Project Diva Christmas)
Yakitate!Japan - Tsukino

I don’t mind bargaining a little as long as the offer’s not ridiculous, but no trading as I am really looking for money. And I would really appreciate it if people would help me pass the word around X.x

Reblogging to help spread the word~

Yeu is really an awesome cosplayer - if anyone wants/needs any of these costumes please consider getting them from her!!!