When I was little I thought being an adult meant not having a bed time but I’ve come to realize that it just means being in charge of my own bed time and it turns out that I am not equipped to handle that responsibility.

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So Masuko Miyo’s backstory is that she was saved by Fortune’s older sister a mysterious Cure whose identity is a total mystery and developed a massive crush on her.

And that’s why she’s stalking and invading the privacy of minors.

#also she really wants to be a Pretty Cure when she grows up which really doesn’t make this any better

This is the best episode because Masako is us.  She is every adult female Precure fan.  It’s both endearing and embarrassing.

Taken from shuryorin's post - make yourself as a magical girl!!!!

If you don’t think for a second that I’d have silver hair and red eyes and that i’d sprout fucking LONG DRILL PIGTAILS you’re wrong.

I’m imagining my transformation. It would be beautiful.