hello! i’d like to mention over here that i’ll be attending london hyper japan on the 25th to the 27th of july (next weekend!)
yet again, i’ll be sharing a table with the awesome nooshi, so make sure to check her out~
i’ll be selling all the good stuff i had at mcm expo plus these new madoka magica badge sets and an A3 haikyuu!! print !!!

please stop by and visit me, i’m always up for a chat!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

…lmao how did I type art instead of HEART. I think I did this on mobile. a-autocorrect… well, I will believe in you with BOTH. the heart of my art!

HAHAH i figured that’s what you meant |D I was being silly but i appreciate it!!!!!!! The feelings from both your art AND your heart! The heart of your art, the art of your heart!! <333 hahaha ;w; thank you ;

fukkafyla replied to your post: fukkafyla said: You should…

Let’s both survive it!

Yess let’s try not to bake to death :’O (you especially)

fukkafyla said: 

You should treat yourself to something luxurious and self-indulgent soon.

hhh i actually took the day off work to rest (by the end of yesterday I was feeling dizzy and faint orz) and spent most of it sleeping and lying around, i hope I can afford to do more than that after hyper japan ;w;

(and best of luck with narcon too!!!)

professormorriarty said:

Hyper Japan WILL be amazing! ;x; I am believing with all my art! THINGS ARE GOING TO IMPROVE FOR YOU, YEAH

skglssl I REALLY hope so :’O all your art is amazing so I’m gonna believe in the you that believes in this orz hahaha ;; <333