I take many photos of my kittens, and so I made a blog just for them. 
I have five cats, currently. You can see photos of all of them on this blog :D This one is named Penh.

…my cats have six legs.

morning reblog, in case anyone missed the fact that I have a cat blog, now.

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I may or may not have spent the better part of my day making these.


I was inspired to make these after reading some of the silly lines over on this post.  Used a few of them since they said feel free to do so, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

If you actually want to use these as Valentines feel free to do so~

And now I think my hand needs a long break after all that stippling owwww

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sketch/practice 2 for today - an older madoka and homura. eh not really happy but i am lazy /rolls


sketch/practice 2 for today - an older madoka and homura. eh not really happy but i am lazy /rolls


On both tags I have been seeing people reposting art from Pixiv, DeviantArt and other websites without artist’s permission. When checking the sources of these reposts, the artists have stated on their profile that they do not allow reprints.

Reprinting art without permission is illegal, it’s stealing. In Pixiv’s terms, it is stated in english that reprinting art without the creator’s permission is prohibited, even if you link back.

Not only is reposting art prohibited, it is causing artists legal problems, which you can read about here.

Please do not steal art! It does not need to be on your blog. If you want to repost art that you like, ask the artist for permission. If they do not respond, tough. Your blog will have to live without their fanart.

Here are some templates for what to say to the artists if you do not speak Japanese: [by brumalbreeze] [by raspomme] and [by chocoleeto]

More information about art theft can be found here

These are the people I have noticed reposting to the tag. Please do not support them by reblogging or liking their posts: sinbadnobouken stephanie-of-magi magunoshutatto theglaringdream spiralcreationskl and kagaminaoto.
If you have noticed anyone else reposting on these tags, please send me a message so I can tag them, too

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