TSUBASASTUCK DESIGNS MAYBE (that’s about all of them from the previous two posts with a few outfit alterations- except Davesprite i am gomen)

if anyone’s wondering why I decided to cross over Homestuck and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles it’s mostly because they both have wonky timelines, paradox clones and unlimited amounts of p a i n y’all should read TRC it’s amazing

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Alice Francis - GangesterLove

One of the best Electroswing/HiphopSwing artists out there.

Ya like strong Gangster Moll’s who rap, look good enough to kill [and do], and show the men who runs the town? Alice Francis is your chickie baby. <3

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Aoba is the ultimate cutie~!

I tried to do some lineart while my internet was out ooohh/// I’m almost done with this semester so I’ll have more things to post soon~!

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